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The Boujee Boss Up Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

One of the biggest debates in the digital marketing space has been which creative platform to use: blog, YouTube, or podcast. Well as someone who uses all three, I feel more than qualified to contribute to this conversation!

I share:

  • a breakdown of the big 3 platforms based on 7 categories
  • my favorite creative platform...

Sep 21, 2020

Do you want to know what I use to help streamline my business across 10+ platforms?! (Sidenote: check out the previous episode for more tea on that!)

I share:

  • My top 5 business tools
  • Some honorable mentions worth checking out
  • A listener spotlight that kicks off The Boujee Boss Up Podcast's new weekly tradition


Sep 14, 2020

You ever see people on all the platforms and wonder how they do it? Well I'm telling you exactly how in today's episode! 

I share:

Sep 7, 2020

We're back with another episode of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast. Today we're talking all about something most of us have experienced but may not know how to label: toxic positivity. Too often I see people of influence taking advantage of their followers with this horrid concept, but that's all being put to rest right...