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The Boujee Boss Up Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

It's time to overcome those limiting beliefs, Sis! Today we've got Elise Gray on the show to talk about:


  • how to overcome limiting beliefs from childhood
  • the surprising lessons you learn about yourself during your mindset boss up
  • how big of a role mindset plays in your business endeavors
  • MORE


Get your reflection...

Mar 22, 2021

#BetterTogether right?! In today's episode, Nikki Branch and I talk about:


  • the importance of sisterhood in entrepreneurship
  • how to recognize when it's time to let go of toxic people
  • how CBD and community tie in together...


Listen to this one with your favorite Boujee sis!


Keep Up with Nikki


Mar 15, 2021

It's time to get your coins together! In today's episode with CPA, Kirsha Campbell, we discuss:

  • the biggest financial mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur
  • when to hire a finance professional
  • how to optimize tax season
  • and so much more!

Get your invoices ready, Sis!


Keep Up with Kirsha

LinkedIn: Kirsha Campbell 

Mar 8, 2021

Whew! The tears may just flow with this one! In today's episode, Shaneece and I talk about:

  • the best web design hacks for solopreneurs
  • what it was like working together in the beta version of The Brand Boss Accelerator
  • how to use your struggles as motivation in entrepreneurship

Get your pen, your paper, AND your...

Mar 1, 2021

Issa delegation celebration! In today's episode, I:

  • Share 6 outsourcing tips that are MUST HAVES for your business
  • Provide insight on my personal outsourcing experiences
  • Give a sneak peak into what you can expect in the near future of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast

Gather your tea and your edges for this quick deep...